Getting Published

Securing Coverage for Your Thought-Leadership

Unlike paid advertising, there are no guarantees that a trusted, credible third-party news outlet or organization will accept your thought-leadership piece for publication.  The chances that an editor of a particular news outlet or trade association newsletter will agree to publish your content substantially increases, however, if you pre-pitch the idea/angle first.  Pre-pitching also lets us learn about any upcoming deadlines and obtain the publication’s editorial guidelines such as word count restrictions, formatting rules or other requirements its authors are expected to follow.  Failure to follow such instructions significantly reduces your odds of being published.

Given these factors, I work with clients to help them pitch their thought-leadership content to a credible third-party outlet before beginning the writing process.  If you have a specific outlet in mind, I can  determine if it is the optimal place for your ideas to get seen based on your communications goal, target audience and the type of content.  If you are uncertain about which outlets might be appropriate, I will make recommendations about potential ones for you to consider, drawing on my knowledge of the most widely regarded print and online news outlets in key industry sectors.

Unlike bylined articles or emerging trends pieces, most news outlets do not allow you to pre-pitch Op/Eds.  Acceptance is contingent not only on the proposed topic, the author’s knowledge of the subject matter, and timeliness of the topic, but also on the unique voice and personality of the author and his/her importance in the industry or political culture. However, just as with bylined articles, most publications have set guidelines for Op/Eds and Letters to the Editors.  Once again, following those guidelines exactly helps improve your chance of success.



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