Over the years, I’ve developed a wide range of thought-leadership to help entities build credibility, reach specific audiences, advocate for change or educate others. In this capacity, I have ghostwritten or substantially edited more than 150 bylined articles, opinion pieces and other types of content on myriad topics. Below are just a few representative examples of contentĀ  I’ve helped place and develop:

Bylined Articles

By the Numbers: Attorneys Love-Hate Relationship with Technology, Legal Tech News, Oct 5, 2015
Sued at a Young Start-Up? Don’t Surrender, TechCrunch, Sept. 11, 2014
Small Deals Can Have Big Antitrust Repercussions, InsideCounsel, July 2, 2014
Social Media Questions Pharma Companies Should Be Asking, Pharmaceutical Executive, June 19, 2014
Here Comes Tougher International Antitrust Enforcement, Forbes, June 9, 2014
The Ever-Shifting Landscape in Prescription Drug Design Defect Litigation. Product Liability Law & Strategy, Feb 4, 2014.
Avoiding Food Fraud, Food Manufacturing, May 30, 2013
Energy Drinks: Considering the Legal Risks, Food Manufacturing, March 6, 2013
Can a Plaintiff Thread the Preemption Needle by Alleging Off-Label Promotion, MedCity News, Aug 12, 2013
Issues to Remember in NFL Players’ Lawsuits on Concussions. Sports Business Journal, April 23-29, 2012
What Will Be the Lessons of Fukushima? McCloskey’s Nuclear Business, April 2011
Compensation Committee Governance in the Era of Increased Public Scrutiny. Compliance Week, Nov 3, 2010
Fighting for Control: Winning Broadcast Airing Rights.The Financial Manager, July/Aug 2010
Has Greece Caused a Credit Event? IFLR, August 4, 2010
Are You CARD Act Ready? American Banker, June 25, 2010

Op Eds
At the Movies: What American Cinema Teaches Us About the Law, California Lawyer, August 2013
Why the Penn State Scandal Happened, Forbes, July 20, 2012
Weak Tea: UN sanctions against Iran have been watered down to almost nothing. Foreign Policy, June 8, 2010.

Press Releases Announcing Original Research
Survey: Just 29% of Companies Confident of Weathering a Crisis
Survey Shows Manufacturers Seek to Save Energy Costs But Lack Awareness of Demand Response Program
More than Half of Mid-Market Chinese Companies Expect to Seek New Capital Within 24 Months

Case Studies
Lessons from the Great Fire of 1906, Risk Management, December 1, 2010
Launching America’s First Full-Service Internet Pharmacy, International Journal of Medical Marketing, Vol 1-2, 2000.
When the CEO Can’t Let Go, Harvard Business Review, Sept-October 1995
Media Policy–What Media Policy? Harvard Business Review, July-August 1994

Navigating Risks & Rewards: Alternative Energy Solutions
Everything You Wanted to Know About Privacy But Were Afraid to Ask...

Branded Content
In Their Own Words: Women Lawyers on Leadership (Diversity & Inclusion Brochure)
Breakthroughs (Kaye Scholer 2012-13 Brochure)
Annual Report, Hope Heart InstitutePerspectives in Cardiovascular Disease (The Hope Heart Institute Annual Review)
Antitrust Overview
Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Overview
Food, Beverages & Supplements Overview
Bacardi Acquires Cooper Spirits Company’s St. Germain Brand
In 20-Year Trademark Battle, Kaye Scholer Helps Prince Gains Back Rights to His Recordings from Warner Brothers


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