Beware of Adjective Mania

Whether your company manufactures and distributes widgets or sells consulting services, you will only successfully build and maintain trust, and ultimately win customer loyalty, by ensuring that what you promise is precisely what you deliver. And when it comes to communicating that promise, e.g. how you introduce, describe and market those services in promotional materials… Read More Beware of Adjective Mania

Come Together, Not ‘Race Together’

By now, branding pundits have spent more time talking about Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schulz’s ill-fated “Race Together” campaign than the planned week-long event itself. Whether it’s the social media police expressing horror that Starbucks VP of Communications Corey duBrowa turned off his Twitter account due to highly “personal” attacks as a result of the initiative,… Read More Come Together, Not ‘Race Together’