If you are visiting this site, you know it’s no longer adequate to simply state that you are an expert at, or a  leading authority on, a particular skill, topic, industry, product offering or field of study.  Thought-leadership allows you to demonstrate that authority on an ongoing basis by providing practical insights about, and delivering answers to, the biggest questions on the minds of your target audience.

How I Can Help

  • Identify and refine a compelling business, regulatory, technical or consumer angle or topic based on your unique experience and desired result.
  • Place, ghostwrite and/or edit bylined articles, op/eds and blog commentary for senior executives in the most trusted, widely recognized mainstream and industry trade news outlets and social sites.
  • Write executive speeches, blog commentary and internal/external C-suite communications.
  • Conduct primary and secondary research to ensure content accuracy, effectiveness and timeliness.
  • Provide ghostwriting and/or copyediting support to business executives and academics under book contract or who seek to secure a book contract or e-publish.
  • Pitch and secure interviews for senior executives in top business and trade media in support of and to reinforce specific thought-leadership content (for select clients only).

Over the years I have placed and developed more than 300 articles, FAQs and opinion pieces and secured nearly 800 interviews in the the top mainstream and business outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Reuters, Financial Times, Forbes, Inc., Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Time, The Nation, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, ComputerWorld, CIO, American Banker, Daily Deal, Investor Business Daily, Pharma Executive, Med City News, Publishers Weekly and AdAge.


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